Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 172

REVIEWS BlackCell Proton 18650 The world of vape branded cells is a strange one. Many have limited information available and no way to verify authenticity of the product. Blackcell is a bit different in this regard. They provide specifications for their products, printed clearly on the wrap, and also have a full QR code authenticity system, so you can determine whether or not your product is legitimate. The Proton cell is rated at 3018mAh capacity, with a 20.3A continuous discharge rating and 40.2A maximum load. This capacity rating goes toe-to-toe with some of the best 18650 cells currently available, such as the LG HG2 and Samsung 30Q. During my testing of these cells, it’s been quite clear that the Proton is able to last for at least the same run time as these cells, which is great to see and adds another option to the list of cells which have a practical ratio of run time to discharge limit. At the 20A mark, using a variety of regulated devices, the Proton did not heat up beyond normal levels, and Mooch’s thorough testing of the cells show that this CDR is accurate. My only issue then, is with the enigmatic 40.2A “MAX” rating of the cell. This is meant to be taken as a pulse rating, which means when used in very short bursts the cell can (in theory) handle a load of 40.2A. The problem with pulse ratings is that there are far too many variables which are not fully stated. How long is a ‘pulse’? What resistance should the coil be? Does the cell need to be fully charged for this usage? Fortunately, Blackcell do clearly state that this rating should be disregarded when using mechanical devices, and the vast majority of regulated mods will protect against overheating cells, but I would much prefer this increased risk of failure be entirely avoided, by only promoting more measurable specifications such as the CDR and capacity, which are impressive as is. FamoVape Magma Box + Fat Baby Mesh Pro Some of the testing of the Blackcell Protons was done using the FamoVape Magma Box and Fat Baby Mesh Pro. With beautiful resin panels and a zinc alloy chassis, this device feels very solid. It has a classic three button design, allowing for simple navigation of the fully featured proprietary chipset, which offers wattage mode, temperature control and a direct output bypass setting. This is one of the most aggressive chipsets I’ve ever used. There is absolutely no delay when pressing the fire button, and the power delivery is very impressive, with no ramp- up time whatsoever. This makes the Magma Box an excellent choice for high wattage vapers. Charging is also extremely impressive. The Magma Box successfully charges installed cells in a balanced fashion and does it quickly, too. This is actually quite a rare feature within the mid-price bracket and is certainly welcome. On to the Fat Baby Mesh Pro. The Baby Mesh Pro is fairly small as mesh sub tanks go, but this does not necessitate a sacrifice in performance. The tank features a simple sliding top-fill and fairly standard airflow control ring at the bottom of the tank. The coils themselves are really quite impressive. They consist of a single strip of fine mesh. Despite the small size, however, vapour and flavour production is fantastic. 172 | VM21