Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 170

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Comma Specifications: Dimensions: 75mm x 57mm x 14mm Construction: Zinc Alloy + Polycarbonate Power Output: 7-12W (decreases as battery depletes) Battery Capacity: 380mAh internal cell Weight: 80g Resistance: 1.4ohms Display: 0.55-inch LED screen – Build quality – Pod longevity – Small battery for its size HQD are a relatively new player in the vaping hardware scene, and so far they’ve had a clear focus on small, discrete devices. This part of the market is now perhaps the most highly contested, though, so is the Comma worth considering? The first thing you’ll notice about this kit is its construction and unique form factor. With a zinc alloy chassis, the Comma feels a fair bit more solid than a lot of its peers, and has already survived quite a few knocks and falls during my testing process. This material choice makes the Comma truly feel like a premium product, among a sea of pod devices that give the impression that they are not built to last. The titular comma shape of the system is a very interesting choice. It allows the user to conceal the entire unit, aside from the mouthpiece, whilst in use. For those who prefer a more inconspicuous vape, this is quite nifty. A tiny 0.55-inch LED screen is located on the bottom right hand corner of the chassis. This displays remaining battery life, whilst also tracking the total number of puffs and puff time. Some vapers may feel that a display is somewhat of a redundant feature on such a simple device, but in the context of a starter kit, it actually makes a lot of sense. Users who are trying to cut down on their nicotine intake will be helped by the puff counter, and it’s always nice to have a visual indication of how much battery life is left, especially when dealing with a small 380mAh cell. In terms of performance, the Comma is quite different in comparison to other devices in its class. Although it uses a fairly standard draw activated firing mechanism, the 1.4ohm pods provide a very restricted MTL vape, which is becoming less common these days. I’d go as far as to say that this is the tightest MTL pod system out there right now, making it a great option for those with this preference. For the majority of the cells’ run time, the Comma produces a satisfying, warm vape and above average flavour for a pod system. This is another area where the Comma excels, as many pods produce a cooler vape that leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to flavour. Battery life is about what you’d expect from a 380mAh cell, which is to say the Comma will last approximately half a day’s use before needing a charge, when filled with 20mg/ml e-liquid. The pods themselves have also been executed rather well. Boasting 2ml capacity and a removable rubber seal for filling, this should be fool proof and with the low power output, one fill should last most vapers a whole day. Pod longevity is very respectable too, averaging between four or five fills during my testing. The HQD Comma is a simple, but well-built pod system that’s ideal for beginners due to its display. Veteran vapers may also enjoy the very tight MTL draw on offer here. 170 | VM21