Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 166

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Flint Kit Specifications: Dimensions: 55.6mm x 22mm Battery Capacity: 950mAh internal cell Power Output: Three levels – 3.2V, 3.5V and 3.8V (7W, 8W, 9W) Resistance range: 0.5-3ohms Tank Capacity: 2ml Of the larger hardware companies in this industry, Geekvape were one of the few to not offer a pod system, until now. This tiny stick-style kit is around the same length as your average pod, but with its 22mm diameter, it’s able to employ a much more substantial internal cell and more traditional MTL tank in lieu of a disposable cartridge. It has just one button, which acts as a firing mechanism and gives you the ability to toggle between three power settings. Aside from this, there’s a micro- USB port to charge the internal cell, and that’s it. The construction here feels solid, and much more rugged than the average pod system, with just one seam and no visible gaps or rattle to speak of. The cell charges from flat to full in just north of an hour, which is well within acceptable limits. This is one of the smallest MTL stock coil tanks on the market today. Despite its tiny size, it boasts a full 2ml capacity, the maximum allowed for markets under TPD jurisdiction. They’ve gone for a minimalist industrial aesthetic here. The drip tip is non-removable, which may be a con for some people, but thankfully it’s comfortable and has a narrow bore, perfectly suited for the style of vaping the tank provides. The bottom of the Flint tank features an airflow control ring, which allows the user to choose from five settings, ranging from old-school MTL, all the way to a more modern, loose MTL experience. A slide to open top-fill is indicated clearly by an arrow towards the top of the tank, and the tolerances for this action are spot on. – Tiny size – Good level of user adjustment – Battery life – Coil longevity The 1.6ohm coils are rated for 6-9W, coinciding with the different levels of power output on the battery, toggled with three clicks of the fire button. Filled with 20mg/ml nicotine salts, I found myself using the full 9W most often, and at this point the coils perform best, putting out a relatively warm vape and respectable flavour considering the small size of the coil-head. This is where my one gripe with the kit lies. The coils perform fantastically for the first three-to-four refills, but after this, the experience drops off substantially. The coil does not burn out in the traditional sense, it simply stops producing as much flavour or vapour. This isn’t a complete deal-breaker though, as this translates to roughly three-to-five days of use. And the Flint coils are cheaper than replacement pods for similar entry level devices. It is something to bear in mind though. Overall, this is an impressive little pod alternative. Its 950mAh cell lasts almost a full day’s use on a charge, which is more than can be said for most pod systems. The device is very simple to operate, has respectable performance for the size and coils are very inexpensive. This makes it a great option for stealthy vapers who want more battery life than a smaller pod can offer. You can also pair the Flint tank with the Geekvape Aegis Mini for a stealthy, rugged MTL vape that can go days without a charge. 166 | VM21