Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 165

REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES WYE 2 Specifications: Dimensions: 86mm x 56mm x 30mm Construction: Polycarbonate + ABS Weight: 72g Power Output: 7-215W Temperature Control Range: 200-600F Battery Capacity: 2 x External 18650 cells Resin Tank Specifications: Construction: Resin + Stainless Steel Capacity: 2ml – Extremely lightweight – Simple menu – Good tolerances – Below average coil longevity – Relatively large for a dual 18650 mod At the end of 2017, Teslacigs released the WYE, which couldn’t be more of a departure from other Teslacigs offerings, with its super lightweight ABS construction and utilitarian styling. This device quickly gained traction as a portable workhorse mod and seemed to only become more popular throughout 2018. A sequel is the natural result of this, and so now we find ourselves with the WYE 2. It’s got big shoes to fill, so how does it fare? The WYE 2 is made from polycarbonate and ABS, just like its predecessor. This is going to be a divisive choice. Tolerances are tight and there’s no complaints from me in the construction department, but inevitably some vapers are simply not going to be keen on a mod that is mostly made out of plastic. Fans of the original WYE will be pleased to hear that the new version is still extremely lightweight. This makes the device very unobtrusive when carried in a large pocket or bag. Aside from the material choices, the WYE 2 is totally different to the original model. They’ve ditched the Minikin 2 style shape for a more unique form factor. This bears some resemblance to the XT220’s computer aesthetic, with a few more edges thrown in for good measure. I will admit that upon first glance the WYE 2 doesn’t look particularly comfortable to hold, but even with my tiny hands, I found the device to have decent, if not the best, ergonomics. The edges give your hands something to grip, and the fire button is placed nicely, allowing for intuitive thumb or index finger firing. We’ve seen this chipset before in Teslacig mods, and it’s every bit as solid as you would expect. The board allows for variable wattage, temperature control on a variety of materials and TCR too. It’s not the most comprehensive list of settings, but the menu system is extremely simple and should cover all of the bases that most vapers require. The temperature control settings are slightly conservative, so you will need to bump the temperature up compared to higher end chips. This isn’t a huge issue, unless you are a hardcore TC user, in which case, DNA or SXmini devices will be more suitable. The bundled Resin tank is mostly an aesthetic overhaul of Teslacig’s Tallica. It uses the same press fit mesh coils, which are very user friendly when it comes to installation, and I had no connectivity issues. The top-fill feature is basic but very functional, and the airflow control ring has good tolerances, whilst offering a generous range of settings. The mesh coils themselves seem to have improved. At 75W, with the airflow closed to approximately two-thirds of the way open, flavour and vapour production is great. Coil longevity is slightly below average. I was able to run approximately 60mls of standard testing e-liquid through each coil before needing to switch it out. The WYE 2 kit is a solid and affordable option for vapers who are looking for a lightweight setup. VM21 | 165