Vapouround magazine ISSUE 21 - Page 122

FEATURE Meet the canadian CBD entrepreneur keeping the budding industry grounded. MIKE HODGSON, OF THREE FOURTEEN CBD By Leo Forfar Forty-seven-year-old Mike Hodgson of London, Ontario has turned an intimate familiarity with the marijuana plant into a promising business in the booming cannabidiol trade. Having honed his business skills in the creation of two successful start-up companies, Mike now occupies an invaluable position on several crucial fronts. Mike manages GreenLeaf Productions, the mother company of ThreeFourteen CBD. Mike’s dedication to understanding and optimising the many sides of hemp down to the smallest detail is reflected in the brand name: 314 is the molecular weight of CBD. Having kept a close eye on Canada’s view of hemp, Mike made strategic moves when the time came for legalisation. He remains well-informed of this evolving, sometimes turbulent relationship between the government and the plant. 122 | VM21 “I’ve always had my eye on the industry, and when the authorities started to embrace it, I wondered how I could fit into the new landscape. It takes a lot of big money to get into the growth side of marijuana, so I decided my best fit was in CBD and oils. In Canada, the marijuana industry was worth approximately seven billion dollars before legalisation. The government is trying to flip that over and convert the cashflow from the black market to the legit market in the hopes of protecting the average citizen, so they know exactly what they’re smoking.” Like many who have quickly risen to a place of prominence in this business, Mike’s motivation is as personal as it is professional.