Honesty is the best policy From seed to sanctuary, CUBID CBD aims to revolutionise the CBD industry by being upfront, trustworthy and transparent, empowering us all to choose a better day every day. Has anyone else come across products which say they contain CBD, then you happen upon the ingredients only to notice there’s no mention of CBD. One UK company is on a mission to change this culture before it grows out of control. The global cosmetic products market was valued at $532.43 billion in 2017, and by 2023 it’s expected to reach a market value of $805.61 billion. It’s no surprise, then, that the beauty and cosmetics industry has seen an influx of CBD-infused products in recent months. A recent NBC news investigation into CBD products on the market in the US found alarming results which showed some products bought off the shelf did not contain any CBD – not even trace amounts – despite claiming on the label it did. Then there are the products – some of which are made and owned by UK companies – which misinform consumers and retailers. They list the concentration of hemp oil on their packaging as if it were the product’s CBD strength. In reality, the strength of their product may be a third of what they’re claiming. One new UK company which manufactures its skincare range, e-liquids and tinctures in The Midlands is about to wipe out competitors who until now have been getting away with leading consumers in the wrong direction. 62 VAPOUROUND CBD MAGAZINE