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Last year’s inaugural Best CBD award was hotly-contested and this year it promises to be even more so. Both the vape and CBD industries have become allies over the past 12 months. From tinctures to teas to dab pens and gummies, the wide range of CBD-infused products available is drawing in customers who would never have otherwise stepped foot into a vape shop. (This year, the Best CBD award is only open to CBD vape liquids.) Vape Dinner Lady released their CBD vape line at Vaper Expo in October after three years of development. They’ve now broadened the range with hemp CBD cosmetics. Haroon said: “The industry is ever-evolving and as a result, Vape Dinner Lady has evolved. We’re excited to see what will happen if the vape stores also evolve – we’re hoping they do. “In our eyes, any of our products can go in vape stores. Our business will always work with vape stores – they are the backbone of the vaping industry.” It’s an industry that we’re all incredibly proud of, so we can’t wait to celebrate it together with you on May 3. For more information on the fourth annual Vapouround Awards, visit the website: VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 97