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Vampire Vape “We have lots of memorable moments from the past Vaper Expos. The show is always really well- organised and it’s one of the most exciting, action packed exhibitions in the vape sector. “We love interacting with our customers, wholesalers and distributors at the show. It gives us the chance to introduce new juice lines onto the market and for vapers to taste the unique flavours we have created. “The stage always draws a great crowd and the giveaways, competitions and humour that comes from Johnnie and Ashley always go down well. We’re looking forward to this weekend. Keep up the good work and get ready for your taste buds to be tantalised with the new flavours!” Vape Dinner Lady “The Vaper Expo is full of great memories for Dinner Lady and there’s so many to choose from. The thing that stands out the most to us is engaging with our amazing fans. Vaper Expo is a great way for us to meet our fans face-to-face and hear their great stories of how Dinner Lady has helped them quit smoking once and for all, how they love our flavours and how much they love our brand. Our stands are always a place where the fans have fun playing games and talking to our team. We will always treasure these memories.” IVG “We were right at the front of the entrance for last year’s October show and we were one of the biggest stands. We were very popular as well, right from the start until the end. There was such a big queue that people trying to enter the show were struggling to get in. That was a very proud moment and our best memory of the expo.” VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 77