Vaper Expo Showguide 2019 VAPOUROUND-MAGAZINE-MAY-SHOWGUIDE-2019 WEB_compressed - Page 73

Hayley Parker responses from people who honestly thought he was best…” Ned Jones “Obviously the Vapouround Awards are always the Gordon Stribling “Retro Specs launched their e-liquid at last May’s Vaper Expo and they had 3D glasses that you put on and a cinema stand. They had all these mannequins and it was like an ‘80s/90s VHS kind of theme, it was really cool.” Kyle Bednall “Going on stage with Professor Green and giving away all the free goodies; and throwing them all out to the crowd, that was really good.” James Parnell “Organising and seeing the Vapouround Club Cup stand come together.” Josh Tysoe “People have always got some wacky stuff, like money grabbing machines and giveaways on stage.” Róisín Delaney “One of the stand out Vaper Expo moments for me so far happened last May when Professor Green took over the Vapouround stand. It was mental! October’s show was equally as exciting. We had the Vapouround Club Cup, which saw top names competing against each other on a massive over-the-top screen, it was genius. I took a selfie with the Gordon Ramsay look-a-like and posted it to my Instagram story and got a bunch of the real thing. I never let up the act either.” “What actually separates the Vaper Expo from a lot of shows is that there is a good presence of hardware and Chinese manufacturers who are sorely missing from a lot of shows. You go to other shows and it’s just all e-liquid. So the Vaper Expo has a lot more hardware than other shows, even the big US shows don’t have anywhere near as much hardware.” Connor Leach “When Lik Juice first launched at the Vaper Expo in October 2015, we basically just did a huge stand and a big event where we did the official launch of the brand, we did loads of little bits and bobs. We created a big candyland, like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory sort of scenery, and it went down really well.” Carly Leach “It’s always good to catch up with old friends and see people who exhibit year after year, but it’s nice as well to see all the new companies coming out, new hardware that’s on the market, new innovative ideas; and people just go big and showcase all of their new products.” Aadil Popat “I’ve only been to one Vaper Expo but I think my favourite bit was meeting everyone from across the whole industry and getting to see all the different ideas coming together.” VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 73