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Community is everything, no matter the industry. Credit to the Vaper Expo UK team for bringing the best of the vape community to life twice a year. We are lucky to live in a place where people have the choice to genuinely transform their lives, by making one change of habit. Róisín Delaney - The Editor VAPOUROUND Three million people’s lives have been improved by vaping in the UK. That’s the equivalent of the entire population of Lithuania or Albania and even more than the population of Kuwait or Jamaica. You may have read about a plateau in vaping in the UK. The industry is going through a change, from infancy to adolescence if you like, where vape shops are having to work smarter, not harder, in providing quality advice and expertise, not just great looking products at the best price like the local corner shop. Manufacturers are taking standards seriously, listening to reviewers and customers about what people really want. Since October’s show, this industry has had its fair share of tough criticism, and then some. The bad news is this is never going to go away. In true ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ fashion, the Great British vape industry has grown a thick skin and is getting on with the job. The UK can compete with world leaders in innovation, the US, China and Japan. Euromonitor estimates that the number of adults who vape will reach almost 55 million in two years. Currently, the global vape market is thought to be worth more than $22 billion – around £17 billion. That’s an increase of $18 billion, up from $4.2 billion just six years ago. Both Vapouround and the Vaper Expo believe this vape community is truly incredible and without this support network, none of the wonderous things you’ll encounter this weekend would be possible. Make the most of your Vaper Expo weekend whether you’re a seasoned show-goer or it’s your first time – see you at stand B140. Let’s get to it! R x The Editor Róisín Delaney Assistant Editor Gordon Stribling Journalist Phoebe Fuller Journalist Lucy MacKinnon Design Manager Hayley Parker Creative Director James Parnell Graphic Designer Connor Dimberline Graphic Designer Kyle Bednall Junior Graphic Designer Victoria Smith Junior Graphic Designer Ayaz Arshad Marketing Manager Katie Loomes Digital Marketing Manager Josh Tysoe Web Developer Aadil Popat Marketing Executive Claire Michalski Finance Director Joanne Stubley Accountant Kris Worton Finance Executives Anna Difusco & Lauren Pilliner Sales Manager Tim Pritchett Sales Executive Steve Culf Sales Executive Ali Shah Sales Executive Thomas Slack Sales Executive Penny Michaela-Winter General Manager Abida Razaque Business Development Manager Pom Kaila Director David Turner Managing Director Paul Caplin Officially the BEST VAPE MAG TWO YEARS RUNNING v a p e 2018 a w a r d s v a p e BEST vape mag W I N N E R 2017 a w a r d s BEST vape mag W I N N E R Thank you for your continued support Products in this magazine may not be used, bought or reviewed by any individual under 18 years old. Vapouround does not support the use of e-cigarettes and devices for individuals under the age of 18 years old; by reading this magazine, you are indicating that you are over 18 years old. Vapouround does not endorse the inappropriate application or misuse of nicotine, smoking or product abuse of any form. We do not claim that e-cigarettes and nicotine devices will help cure smokers’ nicotine addiction and as such, we cannot take responsibility for any effect products advertised in our magazine may have on users’ nicotine consumption. There is no guarantee that products in this magazine including e-cigarettes and nicotine devices will stop you smoking. The opinions in this magazine are solely those of the writers. Vapouround takes no responsibility and rejects all liability for third party reviews or opinion pieces by external agencies. All trademarks, registered or otherwise of products in this magazine are the property of respective owners. To use trademarks, please contact the company directly, who will advise you further. 6 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE