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AHSAN BAWA BY PHOEBE FULLER “Millions of people around the world, in over 60 countries and across six continents vape IVG,” according to the brand’s website. If you didn’t know that you were playing with the big kids when you picked up a bottle of their e-liquid, this certainly leaves little doubt. Started in 2016 with a team of only five, Ahsan Bawa has built IVG from the ground up to dizzying heights. The brand has some 115 staff members and offices opening across the globe. Yes, from humble beginnings, world domination is now on the cards for this proud British brand. How has Ahsan done it? Indeed, the vaping industry is young, innovative and allows for fantastic short-term growth, but few brands can say that – after only three years – they’ve got more than 100 members of staff and regional bases from Germany to Dubai. “Hard work, extreme hard work,” Ahsan says, “I strongly believe that you need a very strong team with you in order to build a brand and successful business. “Obviously there is a massive potential in this industry, it is still very new, and we believe that we’ve just started as an industry, as a brand as well. There’s a long, long way to go; that’s why we keep investing in the future.” This investment in IVG’s future is the reason that Ahsan has been working on opening offices in New York, Germany and Dubai, as well as continually growing his team. He says: “You need to have offices in all parts of the world, when we started we were travelling all over from the UK, now I think we have to have bases. “It’s obviously good for logistics as well if you have offices nearby; the New York office covers South and North America, UK and Germany covers Europe, and then Dubai will cover 56 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE IVG PREMIUM E-LIQUIDS the Asia side. “And we’re growing our team, we’re thinking five or ten years down the line, so we have to constantly evolve because the vape industry changes very, very quickly.” IVG always strives to carve out a space for itself in this ever-changing business, never missing an opportunity to connect with industry players and consumers. “We more or less attend every expo in the world,” Ahsan says, explaining that his favourite part of any expo is meeting his customers and hearing how IVG has helped to change their lives, by encouraging them to make the switch from smoking to vaping. It’s the Vaper Expo that Ahsan has a real soft spot for, not least because it’s one of the biggest, but because of its location: Birmingham. “Being our home country, our home town – we feel at home at the Vaper Expo and I think it’s one of the biggest and busiest shows in the world, really. “Birmingham I can safely say is one of the largest expos in the world right now, which we’re proud of because it’s a British vape expo and, as a British brand, we’re proud of it.” So, what does IVG have in store for this weekend? Expect new flavours, a range that Ahsan believes is the best so far, and new packaging. They’ve also released new pod systems especially for this event, so head over to the IVG stand to check those out. And keep your ears to the ground, because Ahsan tells us there is a “big surprise” coming in October.