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Toby, V30 Labs “This weekend has gone absolutely amazing. We made it to the next stage of the Vapouround Club Cup tournament! We’re also exhibiting with CBD Virtue and it’s blowing up. Business-to-business day went well, we made some great contacts.” Adam, Evolved Vapor “It’s been really nice, a good turnout, lots of people. I’ve been as a customer before but not as a stand. It’s was our first time here with Evolved. Business-to-business day went really well, much better than we thought it would. As lovely as it is to have customers here, on B2B day, people are here to talk about their company, it’s really nice to be able to speak to people professionally in this sort of environment. Oh yeah, we’ll be back again, definitely.” Brad, JUUL Labs “B2B day was fantastic. It’s been great, very positive, our first time here. We want to replicate what we’ve done in the States here. We’ve had a really good reception… ” Merlin, Vapor Giant from Austria It’s our first time here in Birmingham. This was our first UK-show, we make the 3.5ml tanks. We just started with expos and we’ve been to Paris, Berlin, Spain but this is our first time in the UK. Coming back, we’ll see what Brexit brings on the 2ml tank sizes. I hope Brexit will make things a little bit easier for us. They’re making such an advertisement of vaping, a lot of benefits and supporting smokers who want to quit, so why put restrictions [2ml tanks] in place? Everybody is on RDAs. Stuart Anderson, Red Box “I’ve been as a visitor lots of times but never an exhibitor. We want to let everyone know we’re here. I think, whenever you do something, you have a vision in your head of what you think it’s going to be. It’s never quite the same. Six metres sounds really big. Someone said to me, ‘If you stand on the top of a double decker bus that’s how big it is.’ I still thought it was going to be taller. We wanted to create a stand we could use elsewhere. B2B day went really well. I’m an outsider to the industry and what I see is people trying to do it all on their own, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to partner up with people.” Emma from Glasgow “This was our third time. It’s a good weekend. We get to meet up with a lot of people. I help run a Facebook group and we’re all from different parts of the UK. We all meet here on the Saturday. You get a lot of good deals at the expo as well. This weekend has been brilliant. There’s a lot more going on, every time you turn around there’s something you’ve not seen. The Evolution Vape stand is my favourite. They do some fantastic expo deals.” VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 45