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£2m spent on cessation Expenditure on smoking cessation advertising campaigns by Public Health England in 2017-18 was £1.99 million, according to Steve Brine, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Health and Social Care. The Winchester MP, who has been vocal of his support of e-cigarettes as a means to quitting smoking, revealed the amount spent in response to a query from Harrow East MP Bob Blackman. Campaign spending is defined as covering only media spend, which covers expenditure for advertising on television, radio, the national press, regional press, outdoors, in cinemas and digital. The Department of Health’s spending on recruitment advertising and media partnerships are not included in this figure. Praise for Birmingham Smoking rates in Birmingham have reached the lowest level on record, according to figures from Public Health England. The figures, which are taken from the latest Annual Population Survey, show that only 14 percent of adults in Birmingham were smokers in 2017 – that’s a five percent drop since 2011, when the first figures were released. This means that over 37,000 people in the UK’s second city quit smoking in the last six years. National smoking levels have also seen a five percent drop, with 15 percent of adults smoking in 2017, compared to 19 percent in 2011. One last push President Donald Trump has backed the Food and Drug Administration’s plans to restrict e-cigarette sales across the US. In what will be one of his final actions on the so-called teen vaping epidemic, out-going FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb motioned for the sales of flavoured nicotine pods to be limited to websites, vape shops and other retailers that impose age restrictions. The proposed measures, if passed, were announced in March and would crack down on fruit flavours specifically, which the FDA has long campaigned are appealing to underage users. The policy on other popular flavours such as tobacco and menthol is not understood to be affected. ‘I do’ with a chance of clouds These days it seems that there’s a wedding trend for everything, from retro photobooths to pets as ringbearers and now vaping is in the mix. If you’re a dedicated vaper, perhaps you’ll take inspiration from the other vape-obsessed brides and grooms out there who have made their weddings an extension of their favourite vape hangout. Some reception venues now feature full vape bars, providing guests with the ultimate sampling palette of tasty flavours. But one of the biggest vape-related wedding trends of this season seems to be the photography, as couples capture their nuptials amidst voluminous clouds. The popular trend has produced some decidedly creative pictures. New research A new study shows e-cigarettes “induce less biological responses associated with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases than cigarettes.” The research demonstrates that after six months, e-cigarettes both with and without nicotine induced a significantly lower biological response associated with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases compared to cigarette smoke. The study, conducted in collaboration with Altria Group, Inc., assessed the biological response of mice exposed to e-cigarette vapors compared with that of exposure to cigarette smoke. The full results of the study will be submitted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal. Do more, with more Preliminary insights from the Centre for Health Research and Education suggest a serious disconnect between what is official policy and the advice smokers actually get from their clinicians. Dr Pooja Patwardhan, GP and Medical Director of the Centre for Health Research and Education in Hampshire said: “Enabling and empowering GPs is crucial to complementing existing tobacco control measures in realising the goal of a smoke-free UK. A GP’s ‘very brief advice’ intervention could be crucial to tipping a smoker’s motivation towards a quit attempt and the difference between a success and failure!” VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 31