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Rewind! Step back in time to last October. It was Halloween weekend, also known as, Vampire Vape season, and there was competition and glory in the air. October’s expo always has a different vibe to May’s big weekend. One show gets you in the mindset of coming to the end of the year and the other is a build-up to summer. Last autumn hosted another unforgettable weekend, celebrating the people and brands who, as always, had their fingers on the pulse of this electric industry. At one end of the red carpet, on the far side of the hall, was the mainstage. As regular show fans will have come to expect, it was loud and proud with shenanigans and giveaways practically on the hour, every hour. Bournemouth’s Johnnie Lovell of BH Vape manned the microphone once again, with his signature charisma and comedy in tow. Johnnie’s fast wit was coupled with the class, personality and infectious energy of Ashley Hansen, who flies in from sunny Los Angeles twice a year for Vaper Expo weekend. Together, this duo has become synonymous with the show. Business-to-business day was immense – possibly more so than ever, with new products launched at the show, and brands going the extra mile to be seen and heard. The Vaper Expo may just be the only exhibition in the UK which has an eclectic mix of suits, trainers and snapbacks. And that’s why we love it! Saturday and Sunday mornings were both incredibly busy at October’s show. The Vapouround Bus was joined by the CBD Ultra team at the entrance as crowds sipped on CBD-infused herbal tea while collecting their showguides and floorplans, no doubt mapping their route for a busy day ahead. The Vapouround team was accompanied by the Red Box bus and promotional squad at the main entrance point too – regular expo goers may have been used to seeing one vape bus at the show, so the sight of a second was a double- decker surprise. The Vapouround Club hosted the first ever Club Cup, which saw some of the biggest brands go head to head in football on the big screen. All of your favourite companies were in the mix, but there could only be one winner. ZAP! Juice took the trophy in the end, with original fan favourites Vampire Vape, IVG, Vape Dinner Lady and more crashing out on the road to the final. There were new product launches too. Much had been made of CBD in the run up to this show – leave it to quintessential British bakes brand Vape Dinner Lady to launch a CBD line at just the right time. Their black-branded stand design stood out against their more traditional branding of pale pink and bow ties. A short stroll up the main strip of the carpet was Vape Airways. So much work went into this brand and stand ahead of the expo. Promoting their first class e-liquids was a crew of well-kitted out guys and girls donning pilot and air steward uniforms. Vape Airways went down a treat in October – the stand was definitely up there with the ones to remember. And back down the strip again to Zebra Juice. Every expo has one stand you are guaranteed to hear before you see it. A team of drummers and dancers wearing safari-themed outfits definitely caught everyone’s attention. You couldn’t miss them! 20 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE