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Kim Accounts Manager I have been here for about two years now. I oversee the accounts, invoicing, bank reconciliation and exhibitor payment queries. I attend each show and work on the kiosks to issue the welcome packs to exhibitors and welcome the public. I really enjoy interacting with the general public and speaking to visitors and exhibitors throughout the day to get their feedback on the show. Sheridan Operations Assistant I work closely with Alyson and Fil. My duties include dealing with exhibitors on a daily basis, answering any questions and taking their orders, sorting out stage times, sponsorship, merchandise, arranging the Juice Awards, answering emails, booking stands and dealing with any general queries. My favourite memory was from my first show in May 2018. I’d only been to Vaper Expo as a visitor prior to that. It was amazing to see what goes on behind-the-scenes, from arriving to an empty hall to the pre-show build-up and the show-opening itself. It made me feel proud to be a part of an amazing team that put on such a wonderful and colourful show. Aly CEO I’ve been working on the Vaper Expo for the last three years and really enjoy my role. I oversee the show and manage elements such as logistics, health and safety and venue management. As much as I enjoy the build up to the show, I really love being there in person on-the-day and having a hands-on approach to seeing our hard work come together. Fil Head of Marketing and Design I’ve been working at the Vaper Expo for over two years and I still really enjoy it. My duties can include running all social media platforms, arranging competitions and giveaways and producing all creative elements for the look and feel of the show. My favourite memory from the show was May 2017. It was the first show where I was tasked with designing all the internal artwork. Witnessing it all coming together was amazing. VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 17