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REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Fizz Pop Berry Cooler Pink Punch Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 0.75% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 4.5% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 4.5% at 70/30 Fizz pop is the latest in a run of additives that Capella now offer. Fizz Pop is not intended to be used as a solo ingredient, but rather to enhance the authenticity of beverage profiles. I added this concentrate to a variety of fruit mixes and the results were interesting. This additive won’t give your mix an effervescent sensation, but it certainly does give a good boost to sweetness, rounding off harsher citrus notes and also adding a pleasant, sticky mouth- feel. In many ways Fizz Pop behaves much like sweetener, but it also brings some candy connotations to the blend, which makes it less suited for heavy desserts. Berry Cooler is from the new Capella Euro Series, a range of flavours inspired by, you guessed it, Europe. This one feels like it was intended to be used in single flavour mixing, so is it worth checking out as a beginner? The berry medley here is bright and full flavoured. Blackberry is most dominant, but there are clear notes of strawberry and blueberry, too. A mild anise accent permeates through the profile but doesn’t interfere. There’s a good amount of sweetness on offer, along with it some more medicinal eucalyptus notes, which can be divisive. The coolant element here is rather potent, as the name might suggest. If you’re looking to mix up a simple, reliable berry anise menthol, Berry Cooler does all the hard work in just one flavouring. Ideal for new mixers. Another one-shot style flavouring from Capella’s Euro Series. Described as a blend of raspberry, pineapple, lemon and eucalyptus, this should sound very familiar to fans of Pinkman style profiles. Candied raspberry is the top note here. It’s bright, full flavoured and brings a good helping of sweetness to the mix. This is contrasted by a milder pineapple, which has some slightly sharper notes whilst also boosting the overall brightness. The lemon component is much more subtle but does a good job of supporting the profile’s sour notes. The blend is finished with a moderate eucalyptus, which keeps things fresh. Another solid choice for new mixers. Ripe Strawberries Licorice Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 5% at 70/30 Percentage used and VG/PG ratio of mix: 3% at 70/30 Capella have a huge range of strawberry flavourings already on offer, but Ripe Strawberries is the first I’ve seen that aims to take a more natural approach to the fruit. This is an extremely rich strawberry concentrate, which has a slight natural tartness, along with spades of the deep sweetness you would expect from the real fruit. There are still hints of candied strawberry here, but overall this very successfully emulates a natural strawberry and will no doubt soon become one of Capella’s best-selling products. Ripe Strawberries is quite forgiving when it comes to concentration, too, so there’s plenty of room for experimentation. Essential to almost any mixer. There’s no getting away from the fact that Licorice is a very divisive profile. This anise derived candy is loved and hated in equal measure, but Capella have at the very least faithfully recreated it with this flavouring. A potent anise makes up almost the entirety of the profile here, but there’s also some candy sweetness and sticky mouth-feel thrown in for good measure. This is a great option for lovers of all things licorice, and likely horrifying for the other 50% of mankind. VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 159