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REVIEW BY PEACHES ATKINSON Peppermint Breeze Cinnamon Gum VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate All too often, peppermint flavoured e-liquids can present as being overly harsh or artificial. However, IVG has completely redefined peppermint flavoured bubblegum e-liquids with this one. There is a rather calming sweetness to accompany the more potent peppermint notes, helping create a more balanced and well-rounded flavour. The biting peppermint is extremely noticeable when inhaling, and you will probably experience a cold sensation in your sinuses, due to the cooling effect of this e-liquid. The subtle sweetness picks up around the time that you begin to exhale and reaffirms a well calculated complementary flavour. The main thing I appreciated with this e-liquid, was the fact that the peppermint did not come across as artificial or having an unusual aftertaste. This e-liquid from IVG is rather unique in the fact that it is bubblegum cinnamon, rather than the typical dessert cinnamon found in a lot of e-liquids on the market right now. From the moment you begin to inhale this delicious flavour, you will notice a biting, sour and spicy cinnamon candy that will knock you off of your feet. The cinnamon leaves a tingling sensation on your tongue, until you begin to exhale, where notes of mild, minty gum accompany the sharp cinnamon, accentuating both flavours at the same time. The minty gum aspect brings the powerful cinnamon down a notch or two, but I felt that this was a good thing, as the two main flavour elements work together incredibly well. The aftertaste is decent and consists mainly of the hot cinnamon, leaving a delectable, mouth- watering flavour in your mouth. Strawberry Watermelon Gum VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate A very admirable attempt at creating such a delicious and well-rounded fruity gum flavour. Upon inhaling, you begin to appreciate a smooth and sweet strawberry, that soon morphs into a juicy and succulent watermelon candy. The intensely refreshing fruit elements in this e-liquid are further emphasised by a cooler, minty undertone. The mint brings all of the flavours together, and you can really notice how well they mix and work with one another, rather than tasting them as separate, unjointed flavour elements. I found that this was one of the most flavoursome, fruity gum e-liquids I have tried, and the powerful flavours reiterated just how well this e-liquid was created. This flavour will appeal to a wide range of vapers, due to its fruity and minty nature. 158 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE