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REVIEW BY PEACHES ATKINSON Salted Caramel Fudge Doughnut Rice Krispy Treats & Vanilla Ice Cream Million Shortcake VG/PG Ratio : 70/30 Additional Sweetener: Moderate Throat Hit: Minimal VG/PG Ratio : 70/30 Additional Sweetener: Moderate Throat Hit: Very Mild VG/PG Ratio : 70/30 Additional Sweetener: Moderate Throat Hit: Mild A decadent and multifaceted bakery e-liquid. I was expecting lots of sophisticated dessert elements. Upon inhaling, the most prominent flavour that I noticed would be the rich and vivid caramel fudge. It tasted very realistic and soon enough, there was an ever so slight touch of salt to accompany the decadent fudge notes. The cakey and crispy doughnut flavour became blatantly apparent on exhalation and seemed to really combine all of the flavours together in a neat, refined way. Despite this e-liquid coming across as being very sweet, I could appreciate the separate flavours, without getting sick of them. This e-liquid will be exceptionally popular with dessert or bakery fans. A firm favourite of mine, I really enjoyed this sweet, dulcet e-liquid. The rice krispy side of this e-liquid was mild and sort of took a back seat in terms of flavour. However, I felt that this was a good thing, as it made the overall flavour not too overpoweringly sweet. There was a soft and subtle creamy marshmallow undertone that bound the slightly savoury rice krispy flavours together. On the exhale, notes of a sweeter nature became more noticeable, namely a smooth and thick vanilla bean ice cream. I could appreciate the way that the ice cream matched perfectly with the more subdued rice krispy treat, each complementing one another in a deliciously satisfying manner. I loved how smooth the inhale was with this e-liquid. One of my favourite indulgent treats, the Millionaires Shortbread, has been perfectly recreated in vape form. Initially, a rich and creamy chocolate flavour was probably most obvious and came across as very impressive. Chocolate flavoured e-liquids are notoriously difficult to get right, however, Bake 'n' Vape have managed to nail it perfectly. It doesn't taste artificial and carries a milkiness that makes the chocolate flavour even more realistic. After the chocolate, a divine blend of sweet, creamy and slightly salty caramel meets your taste buds, which is then closely followed by a buttery, crumbly shortbread. The biscuit notes in this e-liquid help mellow out the more intense flavours of the chocolate and caramel, therefore creating the ultimate dessert vape. Grape, Raspberry and Blackcurrant Blue Raspberry and Lime CBD is taking the vaping world by storm at the moment, and this e-liquid is a pleasant contribution to the ever- increasing amount of vapeable CBD e-liquids. Eco CBD is 99.9% pure CBD isolate, with no THC, meaning you get many of the benefits CBD has to offer. This flavour presents itself with a full-on fruity blast, with a juicy and tangy exhale. This e-liquid reminds me somewhat of a fruit squash, offering a powerful blend of berries, with a smooth and equally luscious undertone. I particularly enjoyed the freshness that this e-liquid brought to the table, and its relatively mild flavour components made it difficult to put down. Created in the UK, Eco CBD uses the highest quality ingredients to ensure a pleasant and effective vaping experience. If you are after a powerful, fruity and zesty CBD e-liquid, then look no further. This e-liquid offers a delicious blend of sweet, candy-like blue raspberry, coupled up with a tangy and mouthwatering lime. The flavourings in the e-liquid are wonderfully simple and uncomplicated, and they work together very well to concoct a flavour that is a pleasant way to take in CBD without the fuss of adding concentrates to your existing e-liquids. Personally, my favourite thing about this e-liquid would be the soft and sweet blue raspberry flavouring. Inhaling it was rather refined, and exhaling was even better, as it leaves a smooth, candy-like aftertaste. Cookie Doh Cinnamon & Cream VG/PG Ratio : 70/30 Additional Sweetener: Moderate Throat Hit: Mild A creaminess that is second to none, this installation from Bake 'n' Vape is both flavourful and easy to vape. On inhalation, you can pick up on a soft, gooey cookie dough that makes your mouth water in a unique and rewarding manner. Then comes a warming and almost nutty touch of cinnamon that adds a fantastic dimension to this e-liquid. As you begin to breathe out, thick plumes of sweet- smelling vapour helps exaggerate the smooth and creamy notes you get when vaping this delicate and well-concocted dessert flavour. The thing that I appreciated most about this e-liquid would have to be its incredible palatability and its persistent flavour that doesn't overpower your taste buds. It was a stupendous attempt to create a pleasant tasting cookie dough flavour that retains a decent and realistic taste throughout the vaping experience. VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 155