Vaper Expo Showguide 2019 VAPOUROUND-MAGAZINE-MAY-SHOWGUIDE-2019 WEB_compressed - Page 135

1. Which stand featured a Zulu drumming band at the October 2018 expo? a) Giraffe Juice b) Zebra Juice c) Lima Liquid d) Horse Sauce 2. Where will this year’s Vapouround Awards be held? a) The NEC b) Birmingham City FC c) The National Conference Centre d) Wembley Stadium 3. Approximately how many miles from London is the NEC? a) 70 b) 80 c) 90 d) 100 8. Which one-off attraction featured at May 2017’s event? a) Bungee jumping b) Fairground rides c) Paintball d) Vapouround Casino 15. Where is expo host Johnny Lovell’s BHVape shop located? a) Newport b) Portsmouth c) Bournemouth d) Portrush 9. Which YouTuber and Vaper Expo regular is also the face of Vape Tube? a) Vaping V1ck b) Empire Vape Co c) Vaping Postman d) Devil Vaper 16. Which aviation-themed e-liquid brand launched at October’s expo? a) Vape Airways b) Juice Airlines c) easyVape d) Air Cannavape 10. Which county do both Vampire Vape and Vape Dinner Lady hail from? a) Lancashire b) Yorkshire c) Derbyshire d) Nottinghamshire 17. Australian YouTuber the Vaping Bogan something. But what does ‘Bogan’ mean? a) A small, hairy creature of Australian folklore b) An insulting word for a person whose way of dressing, speaking and behaving is thought to show their lack of education and low social class c) A thief d) A collector of niche taxidermy 4. What range did Vape Dinner Lady launch at the October 2018 expo? a) CBD b) Salt Nicotine c) 11 11 Tobacco d) Turkey Twizzler 11. Which e-liquid brand shares its name with a 1995 sci-fi film directed by Terry Gilliam? a) Total Recall b) The Matrix c) 12 Monkeys d) The Fifth Element 5. The TPD came into force just before which Vaper Expo event? a) May 2017 b) October 2017 c) May 2018 d) October 2018 12. Which stand had a VR game at October’s expo? a) IVG b) VZONE c) El Cheapo d) Front Line 6. Which celebrity lookalike could be found at October’s expo? a) Ed Sheeran b) Samuel L. Jackson c) Gordon Ramsay d) Paul Caplin 13. Which Vaper Expo exhibitor collaborated with Vapouround to create the Aether squonk mod? a) Aspire b) Ultroner c) Fogstar d) Enovap 7. Who won Best Trade Show Stand at last year’s Vapouround Awards? a) Barista Brew b) Pukka Juice c) Six Licks d) Riot Squad 14. May’s event traditionally takes place over the first weekend of the month. Which national event may force this to change for 2020? a) The Queen’s 100th Birthday b) 100th Anniversary of the WWI Armistice c) 75th Anniversary of VE Day d) The Queen succeeds the throne to Charles 18. Which of the following expos is furthest from Birmingham? a) Vape Scandinavia, Denmark b) Vape Barcelona, Spain c) Purevape, Munich, Germany d) Vapexpo, Nantes, France 19. Which e-liquid company had their bus parked beside the Vapouround Bus in October? a) Red Box b) Doozy Vape c) Hangsen d) Totally Wicked 20. Which of the following is a new category at the 2019 Vapouround Awards? a) Best Pod System b) Best CBD c) Tank of the Year d) Reviewer of the Year Entrants must be 18+.The winner will be picked May 30 and will then be contacted by Vapouround. For competition terms and conditions, go to VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 135