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5. Lots of airplanes now have USB ports on board – but you are not allowed to use these to charge up your vape. These are designed for charging laptops, tablets or mobile phones only. 6. Irrelevant of device type, disconnect the battery. Not only is it safer and will help you get through security more easily, this will also save the battery life and will prevent your vape from turning on by mistake. ugh... 7. Taking your own e-liquid for travelling abroad is always recommended because it can be difficult to find somewhere selling the right juice for you, not only in terms of nicotine strength and flavour, but you may not find the same quality or standard as what you’d expect in your home country. 8. Just like any other liquid when taking a flight, for carry-on bags, e-liquids will have to be placed in a clear plastic bag that conforms to the correct dimensions and the bottles must contain no more than 100ml. 9. Anything that bears the toxic warning label is forbidden from entering the aircraft, so ensure that all of your juices conform to this guideline to avoid confiscation. 10. There have been reports of the pressure changes causing clearomizers, atomizers or cartomizers to leak whilst in the air, so emptying the tank pre-flight is always a good idea. But if there is e-liquid in your vape when you take a flight it needs to be placed inside the liquids bag. VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 131