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“I feel it’s important to give back and go and see my fans who have supported me and allow me to do what I do.” People come from far and wide to visit Europe’s biggest and best vaping event, including some of the scene’s most well-known YouTubers. Alongside the likes of UK Vape Show hosts, Dean ‘The Devil Vaper’, Mark ‘The Vaping Postman’, Chris ‘Empire Vape Co’ and ‘Vaping With’ Vic, the list of the vape-famous spotted on the expo over the years reads like a who’s who of international vaping royalty. But one YouTuber in particular stands out for very literally going the distance to attend the event on multiple occasions. We caught up with Sam, ‘The Vaping Bogan’ who travels all the way from Australia to vlog, meet fans and be part of the Vaper Expo UK experience to find out what draws him to this particular event on the other side of the world. Why is Vaper Expo UK special? What makes it stand out compared to other vaping events? Well it’s an absolutely massive show. It dwarves most shows I’ve seen in the US. The booth designs are on another level so there’s always plenty of cool stuff to see and everyone’s there so it’s always a great time. What do you look forward to the most about the show? I was at both shows last year. I always look forward to hanging out with other reviewers and my viewers. I’m pretty isolated being in Australia so I always enjoy getting around all the fun at these events because we really don’t have anything like it back home yet. What were your most memorable moments of last year’s shows? Hmmm… probably just seeing the amazing amount of support I have over here. It’s so great to meet so many passionate vapers. What’s the strangest thing you’ve been given at a vaping event, by a company or fan? Ha ha, nothing too weird really, just plenty of beers and I do have one fan who brings me homemade raspberry fudge, which is awesome. Do you think vaping events have changed over the years? Some have gotten bigger. I think some have dropped off a bit, but the Vaper Expo is always a great time and always has a great representation of the big and small brands as well as a great com- munity vibe. Travelling around the world can get expensive, do you collaborate with other companies to make your trips possible, or are you supported by the community that you’ve grown around your channel? Sometimes I’m lucky enough, the event organisers can fly me out for a show, but like this one, I fund a lot of my trips myself. I feel it’s important to give back and go and see my fans who have supported me and allow me to do what I do. VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE | 127