Vaper Expo Showguide 2019 VAPOUROUND-MAGAZINE-MAY-SHOWGUIDE-2019 WEB_compressed - Page 114

WELCOME TO THE BUILD ZONE Chill out with some of the world’s best builders or get a replacement coil after all that juice testing. Bought a new RDA/RTA? Why not get a coil fitted while you’re here. Get your coil building questions answered, pick up tips and safety advice. Watch live as builds are being created. All this, and more, can be found within the build zone. Meet the build zone team, and their thousands of Instagram followers. @mind_forge Germany’s finest, and arguably the best builder in the world for the last few years with 21,500 followers on Instagram joining the expo build team for the third time. @the_vaping_aussi This mad Australian builder has got to have the most air miles under his belt just to be part of the expo build team. A braid specialist with 10,000 followers on Instagram back for his third visit. @thehoopswxxnker With the build zone team from day one, a UK coil builder followed by 4,000 people. @nastycoils Another UK builder and regular on the build zone team, with 1,500 followers on Instagram. @scotts_builds The UK’s own star lord (yes – one for the ladies) with 4,200 followers on Instagram. @taxijim71 This French builder is making his first appearance on the expo build team with 8,000 followers on Instagram and be warned, he has an epic sense of fun. @thecoilguy A UK builder and the owner of @juice_junkie_uk wire company, followed closely by 5,000 people on Instagram. If you have wire questions, this is the guy to ask. @n.ball84 A UK coil builder with 10,000 followers on Instagram. @gi.jane26 A UK coil fanatic, stalker of builders and definitely #notnormaljustspecial and owner of @shytots26 with an insta following of almost 14,000 loyal fans @craftycoils The original build zone team member from the UK, with 4,000 followers on Instagram and a former Vapouround coil columnist. 114 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE Look out for guest builders @twistedmesses @blacklinebuilds @theorigialviking