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Juice of the Year Vape Shop of the Year, Vaper of the Year and Trade Show of the Year JPL Flavour Tech IVG As experts in creative and innovative flavour development, It’s only a matter of time before you hear the chorus of JPL Flavour Tech know what good tastes like. ‘IVG! IVG’ ring out from the stage at Vaper Expo. The brand Their experienced technicians manufacture exclusive is a firm favourite among British vapers, and at countless flavours of the highest calibre that are tailored to just about expos around the world. Vapers come from far and wide any requirements, even giving their clients the opportunity to meet them on the road, testament to the quality of their to visit the Wirral-based lab. liquids and the friendly image they have cultivated. While From concept to finished product, the team at JPL Flavour much loved by the vaping community and a common Tech work tirelessly to make life that little bit tastier. fixture at the Vapouround Awards, IVG prides itself on helping countless smokers switch to a less-harmful and far more enjoyable alternative. Industry leader Reviewer of the Year Red Liquids Cosmedia PSC Vape Labs A sister brand to Red Box, Red Liquids are equally a self- Cosmedia Vape Labs produces e-liquids since 2014 for local described “quintessentially British” brand, striving to vape shops. The man behind the design and production bring unrivalled quality into each of their e-liquids. From of the product is MSc Chemist Nikolas Papasolomontos. vape to CBD, this company launched onto the British Since he started DIY e-liquid mixing in 2013 and got in e-liquid market just last year with a bang, and their stand the art of vaping flavours, he is in a constant quest for at October’s Vaper Expo piqued everyone’s’ interest. creating the best and most unique all day vape e-liquid Red Liquids are well equipped to offer their own specially that can possibly be composed by a human brain. The formulated liquids which, of course, are all manufactured closest attempt so far is the first of his new brand e-liquid here in the UK. line, The chemist et al., launched excursively for the UK Market in November 2018. Innovation of the Year Best Branding and Marketing Juccier by Jucce E-liquids CUBID CBD Juccier is new, tasty and juicier than the rest. You may The CBD industry is speckled with very few companies already be familiar with Jucce E-liquids; following a adopting a policy of full disclosure on their cannabinoid- market launch in November 2018 and subsequent success, infused products. Enter CUBID. With a vision, mission Juccier launched a short-fill range of eight premium fruit and promise of quality, transparency and honesty, CUBID and candy flavours in February this year. Behind the CBD is the breath of fresh air the budding CBD industry scenes, Juccier produce and manufacture e-liquids from has been waiting for. The company launched this year to their UK warehouse and own other brands, NVee and T2 overwhelming interest from the industry and consumers alike, E-liquids, providing independent and multiple retailers choosing to make an entrance with its phase one release in with attractive vape brands and a wide range of profitable April with a skincare range, tinctures and e-liquids. products to suit a broad spectrum of tastes. 106 | VAPER EXPO SHOWGUIDE