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Bomb Sauce is full of people who work hard to make each critical aspect of the business as successful as possible . That starts with a product of extraordinary quality , or in our case , lots of them . We currently have 30 different flavors , all available in multiple nicotine strengths and bottle sizes , to suit a wide variety of tastes - from the sweet and fruity AK-47 , to the rich tobacco Sonata , to our most popular flavor : Alien Piss , a genre-defining blue raspberry lemonade . Alien Piss has become so popular that when it came time to develop our newest e-liquid , the choice was clear . Alien Piss 2 , a strawberry lemonade , has instantly become one of our top selling flavors .

Each Bomb Sauce flavor is developed in a meticulous process that starts with a concept , which might come from anyone in the company , and ends with an extended taste test and tweaking stage that ensures each product has broad appeal and a flavor profile consistent with its branding . Once a recipe has been finalized , it is produced and bottled in bulk in an ISO 7 cleanroom nestled comfortably in the middle of our 12,500 square foot manufacturing facility . The resulting product is packaged , labelled , sealed ,
and boxed in-house following ISO 9001 process control . We work tirelessly to ensure that all of our products conform to all current and proposed TPD and FDA regulations .
While Bomb Sauce produces truly excellent e-liquid , there is a lot of high quality competition in the market . It is no longer possible to find success on the back of a remarkable product alone . The Bomb Sauce brand has been developed by motivated and passionate people since 2012 , and our sales and marketing team takes a holistic approach that is unique in the industry . We have a team that travels all over the country , visiting distributors and retail locations with sample boxes and the power to set up wholesale accounts on the spot . Our media department is continually producing new promotional pictures and videos to help us establish and maintain a social media presence for all of our brands . We have an apparel team producing high quality hats , t-shirts , and hoodies . We even designed and built our own award-winning trade show booth in-house , and have sponsored several large vape conventions in the US and Europe .
All together our sales and marketing efforts have put us on the shelves in over 5000 stores in the United States alone . Those accounts are managed by a dedicated staff of professionals who work to develop mutually beneficial relationships with each one of our vendors . Our fulfillment is the quickest in the business -- orders are packed and sent out on the day they are placed .
Our speedy fulfillment is made possible by a highvolume flexible manufacturing process that allows us to stay on top of market fluctuations with minimal waste , while at the same time ensuring that we ship the freshest e-liquid with no back-orders . The whole process is carefully controlled and documented from beginning to end . Every batch of e-liquid is logged with a unique batch number and manufacturing date , and a sample is kept in long-term storage . Our custom machines and bespoke packaging systems enable us to produce our e-liquid at low cost , making us one of the most competitive brands in the industry with regards to wholesale price and production volume .
Now , Bomb Sauce is taking all of its manufacturing and sales expertise into the global
market . We have established an international distribution of 10 countries and growing , with a new distribution warehouse in the UK to facilitate shipping throughout Europe and Asia . We have sponsored international trade shows in Spain and England , and we were particularly proud to sponsor Vapexpo Moscow 2016 . Moscow was one of our biggest trade show successes to date , with our entire stock of sample boxes sold out within hours on the first day and all of our beanies and hoodies picked up by an enthusiastic crowd of awesome people . We at Bomb Sauce are very excited for the opportunity to get our e-liquid into the hands of vapers around the world .
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