Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 95

experience, while reputable builders have no problem signing an NDA, this type of formality is not necessary, as the loss of reputation they would suffer should they share proprietary ideas with other clients is not worth it to them. Question #4: Am I willing to keep an open mind? During a recent visit with Thom Rubino, one of Las Vegas’ premier illusion builders whom I have worked with on a number of occasions, I asked Thom if there was one thing he hoped new clients would do when they come to him with an idea. Without hesitation, Thom looked at me and said, “Doug. Don’t bother me when I’m work- ing the table saw!” Later over lunch Thom said, in answer to my question, that he hoped magicians would keep an open mind when they come to him with their ideas. Thom, who has created a presentation for magicians called, “From Concept to Completion”, went on to explain that on the journey from a drawing---often on a paper napkin---to a finished prop, an illusion idea will typically change a number of times, and magicians need to be open to this evolution- ary process. Having seen Thom’s process of illusion creation in action on a number of occasions I can honestly say that, in every instance, the finished prod- uct has greatly exceeded the expectations of both me and my clients. Question #5: If you build it will they come? As a hard working magician it’s only natural to want to have something unique in your show---something that sets your show apart from the rest. But if you’re thinking that just having that prop built and plopped into your show will guar- antee larger crowds and better bookings, you need to think again. You are the star of your show---the one truly unique ingredient. And it should be you that your audiences come to see. So what it comes down to with your new illusion- --what it has always come down to---is pairing that prop with a unique and en- gaging presentation. If you don’t put presentation over props, your show will ba- sically consist of a series of puzzles, and you will have nothing truly special to offer audiences and booking agents. And eventually, just like the sun did on 8-21- 2017, your show will slowly vanish. Only that disappear- ing act will be permanent. END For more information about building and or scripting the right presentation for your dream illusion, feel free to contact Doug at: Doug-