Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 85

however, some of the smaller parts were a little lost in the venue, even with the projection screens, including his cut and restored cord which was difficult to follow because of the lighting and/or the color of the cord. Stacey was fantastic with her acting and expressions … helping to smooth over the hard to follow moments. Overall this was a wonderful, high energy show. Murray and Teresa understand how to take an audience on a journey, and I would say, given the humongous venue they nailed every aspect and produced a stellar show which had people walking away loving magic. Last year when I reviewed them Murray told me it was a one off event because the PNE Fair never hires an act twice. However, the positive response from last year was so massive that management could not ignore it and brought them back for another year. After seeing this years show I hope they become a regular feature of this yearly event. Murray and Teresa are truly grateful the PNE has discovered their talents both as performers and producers. Fingers crossed we get to see a new show in 2018 at the Vancouver PNE featuring this amazing husband and wife team.