Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 84

For me, the highlight was Chipper Lowell. It was obvious as soon as he walked out on stage … here was Mr. Personality. Chipper had the audience standing up, laughing, cheering and clapping throughout the entire set. His comedy was hilarious which catches us off guard and makes his magic that much stronger. One of my favorite routines was his production of a bowling ball … from a water melon, which involved the entire audience choosing an item from a large list of things “you might have in the back of your car." If anyone can entertain an audience of this size it definitely is Chipper Lowell. Every time Chipper appeared on stage you had to smile and laugh - he has an infectious quality. The audience loved him verified by the huge applause at the end. A quick final Chipper note: I think his throwing a ventriloquist puppet off stage is one of the funniest bits of business I've ever seen. Danny Cole performed his incredible, original act. I love seeing his Matrix style suspension which played terrifically for this crowd. The highly visual material such as his color change costume worked beautifully,