Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 82

BY PAUL ROMHANY I t’s a really big show … Murray Hatfield and Teresa produced their second huge show for Vancouver's PNE fair, – UNBELIEVABLE! A Magical Experience – described as: "A world-class magical showcase not to be missed! Watch in amazement and witness grand illusions. Come and be thrilled as we present champions of magic featuring Chipper Lowell; Canada’s Master Illusionists Murray Hatfield and Teresa; Danny Cole; and Shawn Farquhar, World Champion of Magic! UNBELIEVABLE magic, comedy and breathtaking illusions." We went to the show on opening night and it certainly lived up to its name. To give you an idea of the shows massive scope, each night for just over two weeks, the cast performed for 82 VANISH Magazine approximately 10,000 people. And, yes, in a venue this massive the use of large video screens is a must. It was obvious from the start that Murray and Teresa truly know to produce a spectacular evenings magical entertainment The show opened with cameras in the audience slowly focusing on a ‘guy’ and his girlfriend. A quote appeared on the large screen, "show us a trick," and he proceeded to do so … a simple effect which lead to a killer 'silk thru phone' routine that revealed the shows title: UNBELIEVABLE on his cell phones screen. A wonderful way to open the show which had the crowd cheering right from the get go. We find out later the 'guy' was magician Danny Cole and the ‘girlfriend’ his wife Stacey. Throughout the evening Murray and Teresa performed an incredible variety of illusions, showing the depth of their vast experience. It ranged from 'twister and stretcher' style illusions presented in a funny segment about “hiring