Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 77

BAR BET BAM DIAMOND JIM TYLER FOUR COIN LINE UP BET: Four coins must start lined up as in Figure 1. Then while ob- serving the rules all four coins must line up in a row as in Figure 6. THE RULES: Move only one coin at a time. When a coin stops it must be touching two other coins. A coin cannot be used to push another coin. Coins cannot be placed on top of one another. The task takes only four moves. Following on the heels of the previous betcha most will accept your wager out of curiosity. All will be amazed when you open your hand to reveal a penny and a nickel since the dime has apparently vanished! SECRET: In the magic industry there is a well-known gaffed coin effect called the "Dime and Penny." The dime literally nests inside of the penny. Half of a dime is af- fixed to half of a penny and this piece nests and locks inside of a hollow penny shell. When the two pieces are locked together it looks like a normal penny. You can visit your favorite magic shop or visit my web- site to find this item. I promise that owning the Dime and Penny magic trick will be more fun than having a cricket in your shorts! 77 VANISH Magazine