Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 57

Burger realized that the true teacher wasn’t just someone who wrote books or lectured at a podium but the person who spread his knowledge on a one-on-one basis. Eugene had degrees in philosophy, a Bachelor of Divinity degree from Yale University and had taught these subjects at a University level, however I will always think of him at a magic convention taking the time to teach a single attendee something that he wanted to learn. I do not recall ever seeing Burger shortchange any magician when it came to sharing his time and energy with them. Part of the true magic that Eugene embod- ied was his ability to bypass any ideas of separation and cut straight to the heart of unification within the widely diverse par- ticipants in the magic scene. The last time I registered for Magic Live was in 2009, actually although I was registered I really only got to spend 24 hours at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas. We checked into a nifty suite at the hotel and hosted a fun party to celebrate the event. My youngest daughter Katrina, who was aged 23 at the time, was with us to help host the party. I was amazed to see her bond with Eugene instantly and spent the entire evening VANISH MAGAZINE gossiping with him as if they were lifelong friends. I have contributed some personal photos of Eugene from these various con- ventions to accompany this story. As a writer, teacher, performer and phi- losopher we are lucky to have had Eugene Burger around to help guide magic in such a thoughtful manner. Burger’s profound and meaningful explorations of the true roots of the magical arts have changed magicians across the globe. All of us here at Vanish magazine are deeply saddened by the loss of Eugene and are proud that he took the time to add his special touch to our magazine. Magic will never be the same without Eugene, however it will always be elevated and improved because of the time he spent with us. Farewell my friend. 57