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proud that Eugene was a part of our little family and contributed his words of wisdom to our maga- zine as it grew and developed. I therefore decided to write this highly personal farewell to my friend of a quarter of a century. However I’m not going to write a detailed account of Eugene’s impressive accomplishments, but rather make note of how lucky we have been as individuals to have the blessing of his company. At this point in time the best tribute to Eugene I have read was written by Derren Brown and was featured in his blog. I would strongly recommend you check it out at eugene/The blog post is beauti- fully written and well worth your time in reading. More importantly I am going to recommend some serious read- ing of Burger’s own words, and I want to begin by suggesting that, if you haven’t already done so, you take the time to explore all of books that Eugene has written about the performance of magic. They are wonderful and should be in every magician’s library. While it is customary to emphasis Burger’s role as the philosopher 56 VANISH Magazine of magic, never fail to notice how perfectly constructed his physical published routines are. There is a reason that Eugene won those multiple awards and performing fellowship from the Academy of Magical Arts in addition to numer- ous other awards from his peers. He was an awesome magician. A fine selection of Eugene’s routines, writing and DVDs can be purchased on the Magic & Mystery School website at https://www.magical- burger?page=1&sort_by=pop One of the glorious things about Eugene was not just that he wrote such powerful books for the magic world, but the way he followed through on his role as a teacher. If you had a question about an item in one of his books, or something he had said about the magical arts, all you had to do was track Eugene down at a magic conven- tion and he would take whatever time was needed to set you right.