Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 55

in Las Vegas on August 13th complete with index cards, Sharpies, and a clipboard. The people I started to involve in our project were instantly eager and excited, however, the moment they held a card and a pen in their hands they became perceptibly un- comfortable. The last thing I had intended was to make anyone uncomfortable, and I quickly realized that my idea had one severe flaw. Eugene was larger than life and his personal and professional influence on the magic community was too great to boil down to a few words. I quickly realized it took more than an index card to contain most magicians’ description of Eugene’s impact on magic and I quickly decided to abandon the idea. In the upcoming months there will be much written about Eugene. There are so many people in the magic world that want to share their thoughts on Eugene that it is probably better left as a phenomena to be explored on social media and personal blogs. I am particularly confident that Eugene’s colleagues at the Mystery School will write something definitive about his life. At Vanish Magazine we were very VANISH MAGAZINE 55