Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 52

IN MEMORY \\ EUGENE BURGER PERSONAL THOUGHTS BY NICK LEWIN August 9th 2017 was a really bad day for the magic world. Losing Eugene Burger seemed to strike a stunningly sad chord with magicians around the world. Almost everyone in our com- munity has a great Eugene story or memory because anyone who shared even the tiniest amount of time with him felt that they were a part of his most intimate inner circle. That is just the kind of person Eugene Burger was. The magic world has many par- ticipants, but you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of its ambassadors that are in the same league as this wise and wonderful man. Losing both Eugene and Daryl within a year of each other has been a huge blow to the magic world. This year I decided to attend Stan Allen’s MAGIC LIVE convention in Las Vegas. While it would be totally inaccurate to imply that I did so in order to spend some time with Mr. Burger, it was certainly in my mind that I might well get to hang with Mr. B. Catching up with Eugene has been a favorite part of many conventions I have attended. Whether discussing magic, metaphysics, or life in general, you left a meeting with Eugene a far better educated person. How- ever, I suspect many of us will best remember Eugene for his glorious and ever present sense of humor. Burger’s love of life and laughter was invariably and perfectly intertwined with the more serious side to his nature. He really was a lot of fun. Last year at the Atlanta Harvest of Magic I ended each evening of the event sharing a pizza with Eugene and discussing things both magical and metaphysical. Good company, good conversa- tion and good pizza--now that is what a magic convention is all about for me. On the evening I was to introduce Eugene in the Gala Show he gave me his intro and it included the fact that he was Ρ‘”•…Έ½˜5 Ι₯‘—Šé5…₯Œ(˜5εΝΡ•ΙδM‘½½°°1…́Y•…Μ°)9•Ω…‘„Έ$Ρ½±‘₯΄₯Ё݅́Ρ₯΅”)Ρ‘…Ё5 Ι₯‘”ΑΙ½΅½Ρ•‘₯΄…Ή)Ρ‘…Ё$έ…́‘½₯ΉœΝΌ΅εΝ•±˜°…Ή)$‘……Ή½₯ΉΡ•‘₯΄ΡΌ‰”Ρ‘”) ₯Ν‘½ΐ½˜Ρ‘”5εΝΡ•ΙδM‘½½°Έ%Π)½Ή±δΝ••΅•½ΙΙ•ΠΈ™Ρ•Θ$Ρ½±)՝•Ή”‘”•ΙΥΑΡ•₯ΉΡΌ½Ή”½˜)Ρ‘½Ν”Ι₯ °ΙΥ΅‰±₯Ήœ‘Ս­±•Μ