Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 46

– an interview with the creators of the “Thayer Mystery” puzzle presentation. FOCUS SESSIONS Ray Anderson: Redefining Success – Ray is a remarkable performer who’s been working for 30 years in “Esther’s Follies” in Austin, Texas. Combining current event comedy, dance and magic. Denis Behr: The Conjuring Archive. Denis created the most comprehensive index of magic publications on the internet, free to all. The audience was in awe. To see his work go to: Homer Liwag: Arrangement in Gray and Black – Homer is a prolific artist, magician, director, designer, photographer and cinematographer who has been working for David Copperfield for over twenty years. Johnny Thompson: Reflections – At 83 years of age, he is going strong and is one of the top consultants in the business. Johnny has met practically everyone worth meeting in show business and has great stories to share with all. Eric Mead: Lectured on his version of Three-Fly, the popular coins across on fingertips effect invented by Chris Kenner. 46 VANISH Magazine Ben Earl: Real Magic – take the time to analyze magic to make it seem real to spectators. Yu Ho-jin: The Rehearsal Process – a specific and goal oriented method to rehearse magic. Brian South, Michael Rosander: Innovation thru Brainstorming LIVE ONSTAGE – 9:00 PM MC: Steve Valentine Jordan K: A grocery themed manipulation act, very cleverly executed. Blake Vogt: caught the latter part of his routine …he revealed stools that matched a prediction. Pohang Huang: Did a tribute act to a poem “Saying Goodbye to Cambridge Again.” Alex Ramon: Performed his signature “Die Box” routine with an iPad. Patrick Lehnen: An act sitting at a table interacting with several props on it, including a lamp. Viktor Kee: Wow! Viktor was the juggler in the bill, absolutely stunning act. Double Fantasy: Vitaliy an Helena Gorachevski performed their quick change act. Farewell Party - Was packed with over 1000 attendees. FINAL THOUGHTS: Magic Live did not disappoint this year. Stan Allen and his crew put on a great event, and people seemed to be quite happy with the content. There is no other convention like it in the world. Magic Live scheduled for August 5 – 8, 2018.