Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 44

Magic Live Simon Pierro: The “iPad Magician”, did not disappoint with the interaction he had with the device, bringing two dimensional objects out of the screen in his hands. Jonathan Goodwin: Closed the show with an impressive, very dangerous, real crossbow act. TUESDAY – AUGUST 15, 2017 – THIRD DAY GENERAL SESSIONS MCs: Johnathan Levit and Julie Eng with Jason England Nicholas Night: Nicholas, discussed – the “Profit Ability” podcast, dedicated to exploring what makes some people successful. Levent: 3D Printing for Magicians – Levent is a magic geek who knows the history and nuances behind each effect he performs. He is never afraid to use new technology to improve his methods. Luke Korem: Spoke about the documentary “Dealt”, featuring card mechanic Richard Turner. Richard Turner: …the subject of the “Dealt” documentary. Other than his skill, the single most amazing fact about Richard is his blindness. He wowed us with a card version of the Tower of Hanoi puzzle. David Williamson: Currently the Ringmaster at the Circus 1903 Show at the Paris Hotel and Casino. He is one of the most cherished performers in our industry. 44 VANISH Magazine