Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 43

be able to master. Fro me the performers lacked a “hook”, story or reason to care about the tricks. Yu Ho-jin – Performed a customized card trick, where the cards spelled the name of the event: David Kovac – MC for the rest of the show. Mike Pisciotta – Performed a series of four ace locations. Cyril: Aquarium Illusion: My jaw dropped open when Cyril lectured about his famous Aquarium Illusion, which has gone viral on YouTube. He explained the entire methodology around this elaborate effect. It was amazing to see the attention to detail he and his crew used creating one of magic’s most memorable effects. Jason England and Richard Hatch: Detecting Erdnase – The real identity of Erdnase is a mystery in the world of magic. Dick Hatch is one of the foremost scholars on the subject, Jason England specializes in everything Erdnase. Anthony Owen: Mentalism. I heard mixed reviews from people around the convention about this lecture, which appealed to those who perform mentalism. Ken Scott: Magic for all Audiences. Sixty five percent of Ken’s bookings come from family shows. THE CLOSE UP EXPERIENCE – 7:30 PM We witnessed highly skillful magic, effects and moves few of us regular mortals will ever VANISH MAGAZINE Ben Earl – did cards. Garrett Thomas – Facilitated the recall of his name writing an ambigram. Right side up, it spelled “Garrett” and upside down “Thomas”. Bill Cheung – The last performer, did “Any Card Called For”, where a couple of chosen cards rose out of a glass at will. EVENING SHOW – 10:00 PM A good show, with novel and quite interesting acts. MCs: Passing Zone: Owen Morse and Jon Wee, are very talented jugglers who have an engaging style and demeanor. They performed in between the acts and kept the show fllowing smoothly. David Goldrake: Opening act, performed his illusion of walking through a sheet of steel. Po Cheng Lai: A manipulative act with mostly fans and silks, very skillful. Niek Takens: From Holland, who studies under Mike Walther and Ger Copper does a highly skillful manipulation act. Levent: Norm and I have known Levent for many years. His comedy routine did not disappoint. He has a rapid fire style of amazing manipulation, clever sight gags and probably the best Sympathetic Silks in magic. Brilliant! 43