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CONVENTION REPORT MAGIC LIVE Please note: this “Magic Live” report, provided by Lupe Nielsen, is deeply culled from her extensive blog report found at: live-2017-lupes-review/ Words: Lupe Nielsen || Photos: David Linsell The theme for this year’s Magic Live, was “The Road Less Traveled.” We were reminded to take “side trips” in our life’s journey. Take a detour in order to learn more, take risks, and encounter surprises. All this will hopefully help us improve ourselves and our magic. SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017 – FIRST DAY Screening of “The Gambler’s Ballad” – Century Theaters – Orleans Hotel – 4:00 pm The opening event was informal, piggybacked to the convention. This film produced by Penn Jillette is a tribute to master magician Johnny Thompson. Johnny is Penn and Teller’s magic consultant, confidant and friend. The documentary is about the collaboration he did with Penn on a dramatic piece of card magic titled: “The Gambler’s Ballad”. Penn mastered the piece and now performs it with John as a duo, with John playing the part of the old gambler. There was time for a question and answer session after the film, and it should be officially released within the next few months. 40 VANISH Magazine OPENING NIGHT PARTY AND DEALERS The convention started with a big bang and a huge party for all the attendees at 7:00 pm. The theme was the 1950s and 60s. People were encouraged to wear the leather jackets, poodle skirts, etc. The attendees looked quite festive in their outfits. There were fifty dealers – a veritable magic nirvana for those who wanted to purchase the newest items and magic novelties. Everything from books, coin magic, fancy electronic mentalism gadgets, sound systems, publications, collectibles, floating tables, clever card tricks, illusions, magic posters, and so much more were represented. On the opening night, for every $20 purchased, you received a raffle ticket for generous price packages (each totaling approximately $1250). There were seven prizes for seven lucky winners. MONDAY – AUGUST 14, 2017 – SECOND DAY GENERAL SESSIONS – 10:00 AM The convention took off with the General Sessions. Stan Allen came on stage to welcome us to the event. MC’s for the General Sessions were Julie Eng and Johnathan Levit, who kept the program moving smoothly throughout the morning. The speakers were: Simon Pierro: The “iPad Magician”, spoke about his creative magic path using an iPad to become a viral phenomenon on YouTube. Joshua Jay with Dr. Lisa Grimm, a