Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 34

market to help him, so again, out of necessity he set out to find something to solve his bad skin problems and stop him from getting rashes after shaving. Over the years he ended up creating a solution which resolved the issue and is being released to the general public in about a year from now. CONCLUSION If you use Yigal’s business model as an example of how to develop and produce magic you can’t go wrong. He stands by everything he does and is proud of his accomplishments. He hasn’t released hundreds of tricks but rather takes pride in knowing he is respected and his products WILL be used for years to come. Magic is like Oxygen for Yigal, it’s something he loves. He never looks at the clock because he enjoys it so much. The thrill for him is seeing others performing what he creates, just like that little eleven year old boy who made a cutting board for his mothe r. That is what drives him and keeps him creating. With the release of Tarantula 2.0 the magic world is yet again about to see a huge advancement in thread technology. From the young boy who created a lock thieves couldn’t break to a man who has created the world’s most advanced invisible thread reel … Yigal Mesika continues to inspire and break the mold. 34 VANISH Magazine