Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 32

FEATURE ARTICLE ADVICE FOR GETTING Yigal's personal advice for anybody who wants to take a product from zero to hero. 1 RESEARCH “Research is the first thing you should do. If something already exists think about how a new version would enhance what is already there. Does it enhance it enough? Ask close friends and seek their opinion. See what their first reaction is for the first few seconds. It is that initial reaction that you should listen and watch for. After a time they might overthink what you showed them.” 2 Listen “The next step is making a prototype then ask people again and see what they say. Listen to close friends but also listen to your gut instinct. If you don’t believe in the idea then how will others. There needs to be a passion for the idea. Do you see yourself doing this down the road in a few years? If the answer is yes then move forward with the idea.” 3 Suits You Try to do something that suits you that others might embrace as well. Various live photos of Yigal performing his miracles. 32 VANISH Magazine