Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 31

BRANDING There are many elements to br anding and each element m ust fit together to make you unique. If yo u don’t do that you will just fall in to a st andard mold. D avid Blaine did everything opposite of wha t we saw on television from David Copper fie ld. Blaine didn’t fall in to the mold but ra ther broke free to stand out. Yigal, only has a few selected items, but each offers an infinite possibility of id eas. LOOPS for example or The Spider Pen are only limited by your imagination. CONTENT Content is also very important . You need to cr eate something significantly different and no t create somethi ng just for the sake of crea ting. A product is a co mposed of man y different elements. Ever ything has to be cohesive and fit together. Th e devil is in the details as they say, it’s a proces s and if you do n’t follow the process someb ody else will do it for you … and you are ou t of the game. INSPIRATION Yigal’s advice is not to limit your self to magic as your only inspiration. Expand your horizons by aski ng yourself wha t is it that others do that you don’t. For example, lo ok at musicians and what makes one stan d out from the other. Yigal loves fashion an d technology an d is always looking at desig ners, how they package and style. His inspira tion for packag ing came from outside of magic, and was a game changer. BEYOND MAG IC His creative driv e does not stop at magic. When he first ca me to the USA he had terrible skin irrita tions which mad e him shy and uncomforta ble and held hi m back from performing. Th ere were no pr oducts on the THE BET TER TH E PRODUCT TH E MORE RESPEC T YOU GET FRO M YOUR CUST OMERS.” VANISH MAGAZINE 31