Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 28

Yi ga l pe rf or m in g hi s fl oa ti ng ri ng w he re th e ri ng fl ie s fr to th e sp ec ta to om hi s ha nd on r' s fi ng er . a clever way of showing your pa lms empty whi hiding somethi le ng in plain sight . He then cut it half and added in his micro motor ized reel to it an the Tarantula gi d mmick was bo rn. By designing from a reformed it Sonata gimmic k combined with a very small ye t power ful reel Yigal realized he on to something was special. To Yiga l it looked like a Tarantula, henc e the name was born. While working on the original concept for Tara his neighbor, a ntula singer about to start a tour, aske him to be in he d r music video. Sh e wanted a mag effect where a ic ring would fly up and spin from person’s hand to one another’s hand , landing on th finger. Yigal wor eir ked on this for six months and realized the im soon pact this emot ional visual mag on people. The ic had biggest advant age is you can right under thei do it r noses and they never see a thin g. During the crea ting process Yiga l experimented with numerous methods and ev ery possible version as well as the material to construct it. His research in cluded discover ing if there was anything simila r on the marke t, and if so … an he couldn’t mak d e a significant im provement … then he wou ld not invest hi s time or money taking it further . This is advice ev ery magician w ho wants to create or sell a magic trick shou ld listen to. Research is the most important part of any product if you are thinking ab out putting something on the market. Toda y, with the Internet, there is no excuse no t to know wha out there. t is