Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 26

FEATURE YIGAL MESIKA FROM ZERO TO HERO Breaking the Mold one Step at a Time By PAUL ROMHANY PHOTOS by Cory Barker Y 26 VANISH Magazine The name Yigal Mesika is synonymous with levitation and invisible thread work, in particular his incredible Spider Pen and Tarantula products. Both items are widely used by magicians around the world and continue to be some of the most advanced invisible thread creations on the market. The BIG news in magic this week is the launch of TARANTULA 2.0. I had a sneak preview and sat down with Yigal to discuss his business practices, in particular taking a product from idea to market. To understand the making of a successful product you need to understand the person behind it. One of the main things I grasped from talking to Yigal was his passion for everything he does. There are certain steps he follows which have made him a success and allowed him to live the life he dreamt. However, if you want to create popular magic items, here he will share with us some of his secrets. Yigal was born in Israel and moved to America in 2000. As a youngster he was encouraged by a magician to learn English and study as many books as possible. After school he visited his mentor, FAUST, and helped him build props in his warehouse, learning the craft from the inside out. He observed that Faust always improved tricks and would not perform magic ‘out of the box’. This was