Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 19

performance tips, and psychological subtleties that will elevate your performances to new heights. Beginners and working professionals will definitely be blown away by this high-impact content. Effects You'll Learn Floating Candy/Lifesaver Hover-Ring Haunted Pack Floating Bill Magnetic Bill Bonus PK Touches The Tarantula II can produce real magic anytime, anywhere, and in any light condition. You can operate completely hands-free without having to wear any special jewelry or clothing. The magic happens right under the spectator's nose and you can perform completely surrounded. This unique device is easy to master and will give you endless possibilities. “ THIS IS BY FAR THE VERY BEST USE OF A CELL PHONE I HAVE EVER SEEN. IF YOU WANT TO PERFORM A MIRACLE THEN THIS IS IT! MY THOUGHTS: Having used this now for a little while I only have great things to say about it. I've been using motorized thread reels since John Kennedy released his version using nylon. This is the most advanced thread reel on the market and it allows me to do some pretty incredible routines. The reel itself has some great new additions and features over the original including the rechargeable battery. You only need to plug it in to your USB port and you are good to go - the charge could last as long VANISH MAGAZINE 19