Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 15

and to the left, if left-handed so that the card clears the spread and when you release the card it will be laying under the spread. Now with the left hand lift up the spread and get ready to do a spread turn over, while you do this the right- hand takes over with the thumb holding the top of the wave and your hand in front of the spread, continue the turn over and with the other hand start to scoop up the wave. this will hide the card under the spread. The inserted card will be reversed now. IMAGINATION TRIUMPH EFFECT: In this triumph like-effect the spectator will imagine their card turning over and a few moments later their card is reversed. Then the cards will be shuffled face-up into face- down, the spectator will imagine the cards being reversed into the right position and the cards will be back into posi- tion. METHOD: Phase 1: For the first phase you will let the spectator pick a card and then you will return the card in the turtle wave return fash- ion which will reverse the first card. Phase 2: You will remove the reversed card and table it, tell some patter, now return the card face down in the turtle wave spread fashion. (This will reverse the card again) Have the cards squared up and face up onto the table, now riffle up the pack with the thumb till you spot a face down card (The selection) after you spot this card let a few cards fall and split the pack at this point. Move the top half the right and turn this packet over. You can now spread both packets on the table towards you as long as you keep the top cards of the left packet squared, this will show that all the cards are indeed face-up, face-down. tom half and that some cards are back to back by lifting up in the middle (A natural break will form in the middle from which you can lift the cards). Transfer this packet from the right hand to the left hand(left-hand palm up) now put the packet back on the deck by turning the palm of the hand down, but while you do this push the top card of the cards in the hand over so that it reverses this card. Your situation now will be as follows: on the bottom 1 card reversed, in the middle the selection reversed and the whole deck face down. pick up the deck with the bottom reversed card facing to the top. Now execute an erdnase color change to indicate the mo- ment the magic happens. 7&VBFR6&G2f6RFv'WB7&VBFR&GF6&G22&66FBFR&WfW'6VB6&BBFR&GFFW6( B6r4TE3FR&V6FBRvBvR7G&rWBFR6&@2FBF2FW2FRF67&W7b7WGFrFRFbFFPF"vbr7W&RFR&GF6&G2F( B7&VBBFPVB2FGW&FR6&G2fW"vFFR&vBBWBFR6&G0BFRFV"bFRVgBB6FBBv7&VFR7FWFFP&vBF27FWvRBV6W"FBw&FR&GFfWp6&G25$TDE3F'6V7&WG2bVW'F&6v&W#6V6BFVƖrFP&GF6&B27vF66&W2V7B&&&7&VBFRWC6&E6&F'v'Fr6VffRFR"6WG2f6RWFf6RFv'WBP7W&RR&ffRFR&vB6f7FW"FFRVgB6WB@6&BbFR&vB6WB&6FFRVgBB2ǒBЦrR6&B&6WBFR&vBֆB6&BfBrW@FRVgBֆB6&BfॖR&RrvrFWV7WFRW6F&Vv6VffR'W@vF6V6B6&B&6G&6fW"F2V2RG&6fW FRF6&BbFR&vB6WBFR6V6B6&BFP6VffRFFRVgB6WBॖRvrf6FRW6F&VvB7G&FRf6RW6WBWBvFFR&vBBvRR7G&F26W@WBRvBFW"7V7FF"vRrVFRWBFR7G&VBWB6WBFrFG&VBbF72fvsƖgBWFRF2GFbFR6&G2BfRFVf'v&BFvV`FR6&G2FRf'7B6WBFF2v'WBrfRFPFbf'v&BFF2v'WBǒvFFRF6&BvFW"FR6&G2BvWB'&VVFW"FRF6&BG&6fW F2F6&BFFR&GF'V2bFV&RVFW&7WBr6rFB6R6&G2&Rf6RW'ƖgFrWFPFbFW"6&G2&Rf6RFv'ƖgFrWFR&BХd4tPwwrf6vR6УP