Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 14

MAGIC TRICK IMAGINATION TRIUMPH BY RICO WEELAND Here is THE TURTLE MOVE you'll need to learn for this routine. Effect: This move helps you to turn over a card that is inserted in a deck that is ribbon spread on the table. Method: Let the spectator select a card with an in the hands spread. Now ribbon spread the cards on the table but there are a few points you have to look out for, for this move to work. -The spread must be a straight diagonal line and maintain neatness. 14 VANISH Magazine When the cards are on the table as de- scribed before you will ask the spectator kindly to return their card and you will insert the card into the spread, keep the hand that is not inserting the card on the spread around the position the card is inserted with the fingers spread out (This so the cards won’t move too much). When the card is half inserted move it to the right if right-handed