Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 13

TRICK CAREY'S CORNER PULSE LOCATION OFFSHOOT I don't know if you ever used the old pulse location trick. I've always loved it. Here's a little offshoot: Pre reverse say the 5 of hearts in the middle of a face up deck which is boxed. It can be a stranger if you so wish. Bring out the box and hold it in your palm up right hand, thumb on top fingers beneath. "Today we are going to try an experiment in thoughts and human connection. Madam, would you please hold my wrist as if you were a nurse taking my pulse. I am going to call out 5 random playing cards and we will see if there is a connection be- tween us. They say the inflections in a persons voice can often give their true thoughts or feelings away. I will try to keep the tone of my voice neutral. Just see if you can sense or feel a mental connection between one of those cards and you and me." The cards are called out and the spectator makes her choice. The cards are removed from the box and spread. There is just one face down card amongst the face up cards. It proves to be your thought is also theirs- the 5 of hearts. M.o: just hold the box with firm upward pressure from fingers and downward pressure from the thumb. I always name the target card third of the five cards. When I name it I simply release the thumb and finger pressure, which causes them to feel or 'sense' a card. The script is tight and does most of the work for you VANISH MAGAZINE 13