Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 129

Good, funny routine to integrate into street, close-up or walk around magic Hand-carved, custom-made gimmicks look like real chocolate Two predictions - use one or both in the same routine Great new card move to integrate into any card routine Guaranteed to get great reactions every time using something everyone recognizes - chocolate! Portable, packs small and plays big Durable and versatile The TWIXTER, from Trigger Magic, brings into play two Twix bars. Every magician needs to have a couple of Twix up their sleeves at all times... or in their pocket. As a card reveal, you won't get any sweeter than this. MY THOUGHTS: You receive two fake Twix's with cards engraved or hollowed out underneath and a download teaching Neil's routine. I must admit I found this a very odd trick. I get the joke about saying "I have Twix (tricks) up my sleeve' but I think I would have been more impressed if they were real. The two you recieve are well made and certainly do look like Twix bars but as soon as the spectator touches them they realise they are plastic. The routine is straight forward. You force a card and it jumps to the top, you vanish the card (color change where it turns in to a blank card) and it is now engraved on the underneath of the Twix bar. I guess I find this just odd because everybody knows that chocolate melts and if you had a real Twix bar you would end up with some chocolate on the fingers. Also why would you keep them up your sleeve, yes I get the play on words, and then why would you put them back in your suit pocket where they would melt. I only say this because you are trying to give the impression of a real bar, and if you had a real bar you wouldn't do any of that because they the chocolate would come off. I'm not quite sure this was as well thought out as it could have been. There is certainly something here but with a little more thought it could have been a lot better. Not anything I would personally use because I would need to work on it to get something out of it that I could use. PRICE: $24.95 AVAIALBE: All magic dealers WHOLESALE: VANISH MAGAZINE 129