Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 127

Do you still use a peek in your drawing duplications? Do you still resort to math-based and other lengthy error-prone processes to be able to call your prop-less effect “reliable”? Or, do you settle with methods that MIGHT work as they rely on psychology/sug- gestion/ luck? Well, think again. Proteus • is 100% Prop-less and Impromptu • requires only a FAST and INVISIBLE procedure • does NOT require highly intelligent or sober spectators. It works on kids! • NEVER confuses the participant • is FUN and EASY to do • is what mind reading SHOULD ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE As a bonus, Phedon has included his billet routine, “Heads I win Tails you lose,” packing really small -you need 2 billets- and playing HUGE on audiences of any size. Furthermore, in addition to English, the method only is available in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Greek. Dealers can send it to anyone buying the book upon request. For free of course. My Thoughts I am not sure what else I can add to what you have read above. The description is totally accurate and the results are as strong as you can get. This is the most amazing tool to have at your disposal at all times. It’s completely prop-less and can even be done over the phone or radio. I cannot remember ever being so excited about anything in a very long time. Once studying this book for a few days and getting comfortable with the routine, I started calling friends and performing Proteus over the phone, nailing each thought of item 100%. It will require some study on your part but nothing too difficult. Phedon even teaches you how to study the routine and provides outlines to help. My HIGHEST Recommendation!!!! 12 Do you want to learn a miracle vanish? Read on! One move, end- less possibilities! Hailed as the next classic CGI level coin magic, this is a "no gimmick, no fuss" routine that only requires a coin! From the everyday repertoire of Zee, we at SansMinds are excited to introduce our latest worker series... Behold the power of Project Z! An in-depth tutorial that covers everything you need to know to get started with this coin technique! Not only does Zee go through various tips and techniques to help you improve your coin sleight, he also includes 8 high-impact routines from his very own personal arsenal, which of course can be altered to suit your personal style! MY THOUGHTS: Unfortunately this isn’t the next big thing in coin magic. This bears too much resemblence to COIN by Eric Chien, which came out last year and Eric has been working on for over a decade. In many ways I think Eric’s handling is much smoother and has much less handling look to it. If you don’t own coin then this will teach you pretty much the exact same handling on vanishing a coin. Eric has made a name for himself world wide with his coin vanish and the chat groups are a buzz with letting Sans Minds knowing this is a copy. COIN has been around long enough for Sans Minds to know that Eric was the creator of this move and why they would go ahead and produce this is a mystery. Comparing both versions I can see that Eric has taken his vanish to lengths Zee has not. Eric has been performing the vanish in spectator’s hands which is absolutely out of this world. Zee offers 8 routines based on the vanish and while they look good they don’t compare to Eric’s incredible handling of changing finger rings to coins, cards to coins or cigarrettes. I won’t do a long review of this item because for me it didn't bring anything new to the table that Eric hasn't already covered. AVAILABLE: All magic dealers PRICE: $29.95 WHOLESALE: PROJECT Z BY ZEE VANISH MAGAZINE 127