Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 123

6 MENTAL PEN BY JOAO MIRANDA Want to blow away your spectators with diabolical mentalism? Welcome to Mental Pen, a diabolical creation of João Miranda and Gustavo Sereno. Mental Pen allows you to create REAL MAGIC. The kind of magic that gets into their minds and leaves them totally stunned. With Mental Pen, what the spectator marks with a Sharpie, match- es the magician's prediction! The routines possible are endless. It can be performed with any book, magazine, napkin, receipt or even a blank piece of paper, allowing the magician to perform a variety of different routines. KEEP IN MIND: - The spectator holds the pen the entire time - No switches - The "secret" is activated by the spectator himself! - Endless routines are possible, either for close-up or stage - You can use the pen as a regular Sharpie - Diabolical gimmick makes the effect super easy to perform and there are lots of routines you can do. If you get the version by Andreas (which I HIGHLY recommend) you can use his for things like confabulation (stage) as well as close-up. It’s always good to know what you can do with a gimmick and I think having both versions will really inspire others to create some very strong effects. My suggestion if you love Mental Pen is to get Andreas ver- sion giving you a real huge arsenal of things you can do. Mental Pen is really a tool for mentalists or magicians and I think if you use a Sharpie at all you might as well use something like this. The basic idea is that you can have a spectator circle something with out seeing it, and then ‘force’ whatever it is you want to force on that page or piece of paper. They can instantly use the pen to actually write so there is absolutely no heat on the gimmick. You receive two gimmicks, a regular Sharpie (which you’ll replace every now and then) and another part of the gimmick. The online tutorial will teach you how to set up the gimmick (takes seconds) and several routines. As I said, you are shown basic routines and there are many other routines in many other books and DVDs by others using a similar concept (without the gimmick of Mental Pen of course, but the basic idea.) The idea of what you can do is not new, and I have several routines myself in various books I’ve written using the same method so I suggest you hunt out different routines because they are out there. Remember this pen is a tool that allows for a principle and can be used straight away to write properly, which you could never do with the regular routines. This is the really nice addition to this. In Andrea’s version he has pro- duced a pen that allows you to do different colored writing, so for confabulation etc. you get the prediction in a different color than what you are actually writing on a board or piece of paper. Armed with both versions you will definitely have a killer tool that will totally get people off guard of any method. Why not combine both versions and have them ready to go. This would certainly throw people off track to any method. This is a very well produced gimmick with so many uses. CHECK OUT to see Andrea’s version as well as his version where you can engrave on METAL - this is impos- sible. PRICE: $39.95 WHOELSALE: AVAILABLE: all magic shops Comes complete with Sharpie and all gimmicks needed. **Mental Pen is based on the idea and gimmick from Andreas Sebring's MetalWriting System. MY THOUGHTS: I was first introduced to this concept by Andrea Sebring who pro- duced this a few years ago and I reviewed in VANISH a few years back. I believe Andrea’s version was the inspiration for Mental Pen and there are similarities and differences between them both. Either way, the concept is fantastic and Mental Pen is an extremely well made and very deceptive tool. Definitely something people are going to use! It is a Sharpie pen and with gimmick that is extremely well made. Joao and his team have done a great job making this fit a Sharpie VANISH MAGAZINE 123