Vanish Magic Magazine Vanish magazine 38 - Page 119

1 THE NIGHTMARE 3-2-1 ROPE TRICK BY NICK LEWIN This is a double punch routine that any hobbyist or professional will definitely use. From the gag of bringing the rope out of empty box of cards to the ultimate finale this is a solid piece of magic for every type of audience. I could even see this being used in walk-about gigs to stage gigs. These things are classics for a reason and learning it from Nick Lewin is like having your own personal masterclass on it. If you want solid, strong magic as well as something highly enter- taining this is it. AVAILABLE: 8203the-nightmare-3-2-1--rope-trick.html PRICE: $65.00 The definitive DVD master class on the ultimate handling of this incredible routine. Every Professional Needs This Effect In Their Arsenal. Don’t leave home without it. 2 3 POO MONTE BY CHARLES BACH “The Nightmare 3-2-1 Rope Trick” is two classic effects combined into one performance masterpiece. Nick Lewin has crafted a sure fire routine that gets huge audience reaction with the minimum fuss and props. Perfect for stage or close-up performance, this routine is ideal for all ages, and is totally visual in impact. The props fit in your pockets without a bulge, never need replac- ing, and reset in seconds. You will use this routine a lot. This meticulously detailed DVD teaches every move, subtlety and nuance of the routine, and will have you performing the effect in no time at all. Nick’s video tutorial on the classic Conway Rope Trick puts this outstanding effect easily in the grasp of everyone— even if previously written instructions have left you confused and frustrated. This double punch routine has a powerful place in Lewin’s professional repertoire, and will quickly become a staple in your show. MY THOUGHTS: When Nick Lewin releases something you know it's going to be good. He has built his career on strong solid magic that works for audiences around the world. You receive an extremely well produced DVD in high definition quality with excellent teaching instructions and live performance on a cruise ship. You also receive the exact same quality rope Nick has used for years at the right length. This is far more than the original Professor's Nightmare because the ending will fool your audience, as it fooled me! Even if you know a version of Professor's Nightmare you will learn some really great tips and handling from Nick. The real kicker though is the Conway's Nightmare which sees the three pieces tied together and become one long piece. This is the perfect end- ing and applause cue for this routine. Nick holds NOTHING back as he gives you his performance and word for word patter - guaranteed laughs. Having said that you need to really study Nick's timing and expressions to get anywhere near the reaction he does. This comes from over 40 plus years of performing. It’s called the 3 POO MONTE. It’s the 3 shell game with Emoji Poo. Comes with custom made Emoji Poo shells (one chopped for final load), Perfect Pea, plus Corn and a Fly! It all comes in a beautifully designed toilet roll container that is incorporated into the routine. Written instructions and online instructional video. SPECIAL IN- TRODUCTORY PRICE FOR EARLY POOPERS! MY THOUGHTS: I've seen it all now. With the new Emoji movie out what could be more timely. This is a version of the 3 shell game but using custom made Poop Emoji's. They are extremely well made and come in a great little hard cardboard cannister which is also used throughout the routine, plus you'll never loose them. You get a special pea, piece of corn and fly for additional bits and productions. If you already know the 3 Shell game then you'll know the moves as they are the same for the shell as for the Poo. You will receive both writ- ten and online instructions. I must admit my inner five year old found it funny everytime Charles said the word Poo in the video instructions. There are soooo many gags with this that they literally write themselves. I'm not quite sure who this would appeal to but I know it will appeal to a certain audience. Kids for sure will find this hilarious! I would have loved to have seen Charles do this on Fool Us with Penn & VANISH MAGAZINE 119